AED Rental


Do you recognize the importance of your premises or business premises being fitted with an AED, but are put off by the purchase price? If so, renting the AED is the answer. You can rent an AED starting from CHF1,50 a day!!


Compose your AED here:

For a fixed monthly fee, you will have the most advanced CardiAid AED to hand for the duration of 72 months. Periodic servicing and replacement of the batteries and electrodes is included in the subscription fee. You will never be faced with additional expenses.

Read more about the advantage of renting an AED. You can rent an semi automatic AED from CHF46,50 a month. The contract term is based on 72 months. A fully automatic AED starts from CHF 62,00 a month. Both packages come with the full service package included.


The AED comes fully complete with:

  • sturdy carry bag
  • Free first aid kit:
    • Scissors
    • Shaver
    • Latex gloves
    • Alcohol towel
    • Respiratory mask
  • Easy Quick Reference Card
  • Free extended maintenance agreement




  • Compose your AED:

  • Complete your AED with useful accessories:

  • An extra set of electrodes provides even more safety. The pediatric electrodes makes your AED suitable for live-saving actions with children with weight under 20kg.
  • Note: the electrode is for single use only. It is advised to stock an additional set of electrodes to cover multiple incidents.
  • Protect your AED from external influences. You have the choice between a wall mount with information board, and various indoor- and outdoor cabinets.
  • Choose from an information board, two indoor models and one outdoor model:
  • Note: always select the type of AED first. Then you can complement this with the various accessory options.

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